Get Ready! Chinook (king) Salmon Harvest Season

Ok get ready Chinook (king) Salmon harvest season has just opened with a bang and there have been a great mix of 10-20 pound Hatchery Chinook (king) Salmon and a few into the mid twenties and still some resident Coho (silver)  Salmon around as well. It is the most fun time of year if you want the opportunity to catch

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From Sea to Table



5 Pacific Northwest Animals You May See On Our Sightseeing Tours

Our boat tours aren’t only about catching fish. Whether you’re on a sightseeing tour or trying your hand at mooching for the first time, you might just see one of these Pacific Northwest animals while on the Puget Sound.


4 Occasions You Should Celebrate on A Fishing Boat

A fishing trip is a great gift for summer holidays. For dads, grads, wedding parties, and any other special occasion, consider a Spot Tail Salmon Guide as your celebration destination!


Meet the 5 Salmon Species You’ll Find In the Puget Sound

Confused about the difference between Chinook and Chum? We’re here to help. Here are the five species of salmon you’ll find on the Puget Sound, and how to identify which one you’ve caught!


Out of Ideas for Valentine’s Day? This Year, Spend It On The Puget Sound

If you’re out of ideas this Valentine’s Day, consider taking your spouse on a fishing trip or sightseeing tour! Nothing says I love you like a beautiful sunset view on the Puget Sound.


Beginner’s Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing

When most people imagine fly fishing, they probably picture a person in waders in a river or stream, placidly flicking their line back and forth. However, fly fishing isn’t limited to moving bodies of fresh water; many have already discovered the joys of saltwater fly fishing. It is similar to freshwater fly fishing, but the prey can be bigger and

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Mooching on Saltwater: What You’ll Need

Mooching makes for a great day on the water and a lot of fun. This guide will help you prepare for mooching on saltwater (don’t forget your extra sock!).


Salmon Guide’s New Boat: Edlana

The newest addition to the Salmon Guide “fleet” is a 257 Grady White Center console with a twin 150 Yamaha.  Quiet and clean, equipped with four stroke engines and Raymarine GPS, sonar and radar. This is Captain Keith’s third Grady White and he has been part of the Grady White family since 1993.  The new boats name is Edlana and she will handle everything

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The 5 Best Outdoor Escapes in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is home to some amazing natural features that attract millions of tourists each year, but after the trip to Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, you may be looking for something new to do during your next visit to Seattle. If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and experience some of the signature

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What to Do in Seattle After a Day on the Water

There’s nothing like a day spent on the water with friends, mother nature, and a bunch of fish. That being said, that much time spent in the boat can wear anybody out, so once you’ve packed up the gear for the day, be sure to check out a few local favorites and skip the tourist traps to make the most

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Make Your Guys’ Weekend Memorable with a Fishing Tour

What better way to celebrate memorial day than on a salmon boat? Here’s why you should spend your three day weekend with the Spot Tail Salmon Guide crew.


Mooching for Salmon in Puget Sound – Video

Mooching is our specialty. If you’re interested learning this technique, our spot tail salmon guides would be happy to teach you!


Spot Tail Salmon Guide – Video

Checkout this video and learn a bit about mooching from our fearless leader, Captain Keith Robbins.


What to Pack on Your Salmon Fishing Trip

Wondering what to bring on a fishing trip? This fishing trip packing list will ensure you have all the essentials while you’re on board.