Fishing Tips and Tricks


Out of Ideas for Valentine’s Day? This Year, Spend It On The Puget Sound

If you’re out of ideas this Valentine’s Day, consider taking your spouse on a fishing trip or sightseeing tour! Nothing says I love you like a beautiful sunset view on the Puget Sound.


Beginner’s Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing

When most people imagine fly fishing, they probably picture a person in waders in a river or stream, placidly flicking their line back and forth. However, fly fishing isn’t limited to moving bodies of fresh water; many have already discovered the joys of saltwater fly fishing. It is similar to freshwater fly fishing, but the prey can be bigger and

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Mooching on Saltwater: What You’ll Need

Mooching makes for a great day on the water and a lot of fun. This guide will help you prepare for mooching on saltwater (don’t forget your extra sock!).


Make Your Guys’ Weekend Memorable with a Fishing Tour

What better way to celebrate memorial day than on a salmon boat? Here’s why you should spend your three day weekend with the Spot Tail Salmon Guide crew.


What to Pack on Your Salmon Fishing Trip

Wondering what to bring on a fishing trip? This fishing trip packing list will ensure you have all the essentials while you’re on board.