As the name suggests, bottom fishing is a technique where you catch fish near the seafloor. This is a very common method in the Puget Sound and around the world. While it may not be the most active technique, it’s a tried-and-true method used to catch a variety of fish species that prefer deeper water. Using sophisticated drifting and anchoring schemes, bottom fishing is an exciting and rewarding method of fishing in open water. In the Puget Sound, bottom fishing can yield Halibut, Sand Sharks (Dogfish), Ratfish, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Squid, and Pacific Sand Dabs, also known as flounders or “flatfish,” which live in sandy flats between 40-120 feet deep. There’s plenty of potential in this abundant and little-fished area of the sound.

Bottom fishing is a great experience. Seattle summers are hard to beat, and bottom fishing will be fun for the whole family. Captain Keith Robbins and our team of Spot Tail Salmon Guides maintain extremely high fishing standards for tackle and equipment. In Seattle and beyond, we’re where travel agents, hotels, and fish and tackle shops send visitors for an unforgettable salmon fishing adventure. With nearly 30 years of professional fishing charter and fishing guide experience, newcomers and veterans alike can rely on us. Our trusted reputation will give you the opportunity to safely enjoy an exciting fishing trip just minutes from Downtown Seattle.

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Flounder Fishing Charters

Flounder fishing trips are 3.5 hours long. There is a 3 person minimum for departure.

Individual Spaces: $150 / person

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Words from a Customer

Just a short note of thanks for an unbelievable day of fishing… it was truly a pleasure to be on board a boat so well outfitted and organized… You run a very good operation…
– Sid W. Eland, Jr.