seattle skyline from puget sound

Puget Sound: A Final Resting Place

For those who were born in the Northwest or those who have adopted this area as home, a lifetime of thrills and natural beauty afforded by living by Puget Sound could be followed by a respectful scattering of ashes in a special kind of sea burial.

Burial at sea has been a custom practiced throughout history by many civilizations. Making this kind of final moment happen is an honor which A Spot Tail Salmon Guide is proud to offer in the Puget Sound area.

Planning a Sea Burial Ceremony

Sea Burial Trips

Sea burial trips are booked on private boats and charged hourly.

Base Rate: $275 / boat for one hour
Additional Hours: $185 / hour

Contact us for more information on this honorable historical custom, and how to plan this kind of beautiful final moment for your loved one.

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