At Spot Tail Salmon Guide, we would like to enhance your experience and make your day with us complete. Your Seattle fishing trip is our priority! We are constantly checking out restaurants in the Seattle area in order to be able to make better recommendations.

Tom Douglas Restaurants
Tom Douglas is perhaps Seattle’s best-known chef-restauranteur. He creates deliciousness served with graciousness at 13 different locations, all in Belltown and South Lake Union.

Blueacre Seafood
Brought to you by Steelhead Dinner chef/owner Kevin Davis. The food, music, and atmosphere are designed to inspire emotion. The menu has a vast array of wild seafood, oysters, clams, and mussels. It also includes farm-fresh meat, poultry, and vegetables.

Rays Boathouse
Ray’s seafood restaurant and bar serves Seattle’s freshest seafood prepared with classic technique and global inspiration.

Red Mill Burgers
With just two locations in Seattle, Red Mill Burgers continues to be one of the best burger shops in town. Simple, fresh ingredients and a no-frills attitude make it one of the finest, most casual dining experiences the city has to offer.

Dick’s Drive In Burgers
A trip to Seattle is incomplete without a visit to Dick’s. Cheap, tasty, and filling, Dick’s Drive-In is a classic burger joint that harkens back to the 1950s. Grab a burger and a shake and feel it all coming back to you.

Un Bien
Ballard’s destination for Caribbean tastes, Un Bien is a great way to grab a quick bite before your next stop on your Seattle fishing tour. Slow roasted pork, chicken, and rice and bean dishes are staples of the walk-up and the service is fast enough to satisfy any busy tourist. Check them out when you’re in town!

You’d be surprised to find decent French cuisine anywhere in the U.S., let alone way up here in Seattle, but Bastille gets it done. Made from all local ingredients, they even grow their own produce on the rooftop garden. Plus, the coffee is fantastic – a great way to perk up before experiencing the nightlife of Ballard and the rest of Seattle.

Mike’s Chili Parlor
A star of the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, this hole-in-the-wall chili joint is a comfort food destination. Cash-only and gruff, this is the best way to experience authentic, hearty Ballard.

A secret lunch spot of downtown Seattle, Salumi is immensely popular for a reason: their cured meat and tasty cheese sandwiches and lunch trays are like none other. If you find yourself downtown at lunchtime, get to Salumi.

Sushi Kappo Tamura
One of the best sushi spots in Seattle, Sushi Kappo Tamura succeeds beyond all others for a single reason: their menu changes daily as fresh seafood is brought in. Only the finest is chosen from local seafood markets each morning and brought back to the store, so if you have time for only one sushi experience during your time in Seattle, make sure it’s at Sushi Kappo Tamura.

Hula Hula
For a more exciting, lively experience, Hula Hula (right next door to Tini Bigs) is a karaoke-lover’s paradise. Lighthearted decor and funky drink specials should appeal to everyone, so if you can’t decide where to take your group after dinner, why not Hula Hula?

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