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Let us know what kind of trip you are interested in, how many people are in your group, and your preferred trip date. We’ll respond to confirm availability and plan the details of the trip.

Trip Options and Pricing

(Please see note at bottom for potential additional fees.)


All  trips are private boats. Trips are 6 hours long. You can reserve a full boat for a private group.

Private Boat: $925
– The private boat fee includes up to 4 passengers.
– You may add up to 2 additional passengers for $250 each.

Custom trips are available upon request for $175 an hour for each additional hour.


All  trips are private boats for up to 4 guests. Additional guests are $175 per person.
4-Hour Trip: $775

Searun Cutthroat Fishing Charters

These fishing trips include fly fishing or spin casting for 1-4 anglers. (Only two can fly fish at a time.)

4-Hour Trip: $675
6-Hour Trip: $775

Seattle Sightseeing Charter

Sightseeing trips are available on private boats, for up to 6 guests. They are charged per hour, with a 4 hour minimum.

Trip Rate: $175 / hour

Sea Burial Trips

Sea burial trips are booked on private boats and charged hourly.

Base Rate: $250 / boat for one hour
Additional Hours: $175 / hour


Non Fisher fee of $100 when space available on all Fishing Trips.



A $10 fishing license is required for each person on all fishing trips, and is not included in the above prices. Licenses can be purchased on the boat.

On all credit card charges, there is an additional $9.00 convenience fee per person, or a $36 convenience fee for a private boat.